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Westerville Ohio Divorce Attorney | termination of your marriage part two

Westerville Ohio Divorce Attorney

How to determine what type of termination of your marriage is appropriate for your case, part 2.

Are you looking for Part 1? Click Here for Part 1 of what type of termination of your marriage intro with Westerville Ohio Divorce Attorney Brian S. Piper CO., LPA


One method a lot of people ask about is: Annulment. It is often believed that it would be faster and less expensive to just treat the marriage as if it never happened. This is generally not true:


An annulment can only be used to terminate a marriage as following:


  1. To terminate a void marriage, meaning the marriage was never legal in the first place (i.e.: a bigamous marriage, or underage marriage).
  2. To terminate the marriage based upon certain factors occurring prior to the marriage, such as fraud, duress, or lack of capacity to enter into a marriage.
  3. To terminate a valid marriage, based upon non-consummation.


There are good reasons for getting an annulment. Religious considerations, habitual intoxication, or lack of mental capacity may be reasons to seek an annulment. However, if you have children or property together, treating a marriage as if it never happened may not be a good solution.


To further complicate the question of an annulment is the legal concept of “ratification” which may make valid a marriage, which would otherwise be void or void-able.


While annulment is a valid and appropriate means to terminate your marriage, the rules regarding its application are complex. If your goal is to terminate your marriage fast and cheap, an annulment should not be your first choice. If you have other reasons to want an annulment of your marriage, you should seek a family law attorney. This is not a “do it yourself” type of action.


Westerville Ohio Divorce Attorney | Terminating your marriage


Westerville Ohio Divorce Attorney

So, you are ready to terminate your marriage. The first question that you need to answer is what method of termination will be the most appropriate for your case. There are three basic ways to terminate your marriage:






Because there are Three (3) primary options to choose from, this may be a hard question to answer on your own. It’s not always about what method of termination you may want, but which method will most likely fit your situation. Some options are more expensive than others, but as this is a crucial factor in how your future and the rest of your life will be determined, although important, cost should not be your first priority.


How do you know what type of case you need? That is where an attorney will help direct you. However, there are a few things to think about to help you decide which method will work best for you, these will be discussed next week.


Westerville Ohio Divorce Attorney

Franklin County Juvenile Court | Franklin County Attorney

Franklin County Juvenile Court Starts Use of Electronic Filing

The Franklin County Juvenile Court began its initial trial phase of accepting the “efiling” of pleadings and other documents on December 3rd 2012.  After working out the issues that may arise, it is expected that mandatory “efiling” will begin in early 2013.   The Juvenile Court “efiling” process builds upon the initiation of mandatory “efiling” in the Franklin County Domestic Relations Court and the General Division during the summer of 2012. 


Electronic filing (efiling) is the name for the process whereby complaints, answers and subsequent pleadings are filed with the Clerk of Courts.   In Franklin County, the process is now the required method of filing pleadings and documents in the General Division and the Domestic Relations Division of the Court.  Computer terminals are available for the general public to file their documents via the “efile” method.


The Juvenile Court  had delayed it deployment of the “efile” process in order to address the special considerations present in Juvenile Court cases.  Whereas the filed pleadings in the General division and the Domestic Relations Court are available to the public, documents filed in the Juvenile Court are confidential.  Therefore, the controls on access to the documents are much more stringent. 


The Law office of Brian S. Piper is equipped to handle the “efiling” of documents in the Franklin County Courts and in the surrounding counties that have begun utilizing the “efile” process.

Brian S. Piper CO., LPA Westerville Ohio Attorney | Welcome to the blog

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This diversity in our practice provides us the ability to handle situations that overlap between various disciplines of the law: the divorce where a small business is involved; or the dissolution that involves real estate or inheritance. Our knowledge in these multiple areas assures you that we can deal with the complexity of your situation and that we have the experience to guide you through your case. That we are a family law office also describes the relationship we form with our clients. Many of our clients say with pride: “Brian is our family’s attorney”

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Divorce Attorney Westerville Ohio. 555 west schrock rd. westerville ohio 43081

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