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Franklin County Juvenile Court Starts Use of Electronic Filing

The Franklin County Juvenile Court began its initial trial phase of accepting the “efiling” of pleadings and other documents on December 3rd 2012.  After working out the issues that may arise, it is expected that mandatory “efiling” will begin in early 2013.   The Juvenile Court “efiling” process builds upon the initiation of mandatory “efiling” in the Franklin County Domestic Relations Court and the General Division during the summer of 2012. 


Electronic filing (efiling) is the name for the process whereby complaints, answers and subsequent pleadings are filed with the Clerk of Courts.   In Franklin County, the process is now the required method of filing pleadings and documents in the General Division and the Domestic Relations Division of the Court.  Computer terminals are available for the general public to file their documents via the “efile” method.


The Juvenile Court  had delayed it deployment of the “efile” process in order to address the special considerations present in Juvenile Court cases.  Whereas the filed pleadings in the General division and the Domestic Relations Court are available to the public, documents filed in the Juvenile Court are confidential.  Therefore, the controls on access to the documents are much more stringent. 


The Law office of Brian S. Piper is equipped to handle the “efiling” of documents in the Franklin County Courts and in the surrounding counties that have begun utilizing the “efile” process.